Monday, June 28, 2010


I have arrived in Cheongju (actually about 2 weeks ago) and I can honestly say I am loving it here. The first day I spent here was filled with exploration as I found myself banging down the door of my American neighbor and hoping he would shed some light on this place. To my surprise (and luck) he took me on a long walk to the local Homeplus-uh (becauase Koreans put Uh at the end of everything) which is very similar to our walmart, and you know how I feel about walmart :). I was able to buy a much needed scale which was actually the first thing I wanted. I can never find myself gaining weight again, as I'm sure it would take away from my Divalicious attitude so I am working hard to maintain...but more about that later. This is how I felt I looked before I left America!!!Gorgeous, Slender, and ready to take on the sexy ass outfit and pair of shoes at a time!!!! I AM WONDERDIVA!!

But this is how I feel in Korea with all these skinny ass little feet people...Like I'm just one grain of rice from dropping straight through the floors. Still rocking the same shit... not realizing.... hmmm not so Diva-esque... and suffering from the biscuit foot syndrome where my feet are too big for all of thier shoes. HUGE SIGH!!!!

Ok enough of that though... I have recently started running again and cooking instead of trying every single thing that is placed in from of me. has to be very careful not to offend, so I am still having the entire "experience".

Back to my first day of fun... My neighbor Josh took me around and then we had the most fabulous lunch at..... ready for it....wait for it.... Burger King! Ha! It was greatness. Later on that night I went out with my internet friends Dawn and Lara for Calmgei-sa or something close to that. It was yummy... Another sad point... all the meat here is pork! Can anyone raise their hands and tell me why that's not so awesome?? Exactly... the Diva is generally pork free. Another HUG-ER SIGH (and yes I realize huger is not a word)

The next few days were filled with work and trying to get this alien registration card so that I can get phone and internet (just got the phone yesterday but still waiting on the internet). That weekend was composed of me being drunk becuase Robert could come up, and lots of Westerners trying to figure out "Who the hell is that girl in the Wonder woman costume" lol. Last week proved to be the same EXCEPT that Rob made it this weekend. It was the most lovely thing ever. Filled with laughing, shit talking, smooching, and my personal favorite...hugging (pictures coming). Next week we celebrate 3 years of this Enigma we call a relationship.... Hmmmm I do absolutely think that is the perfect word to describe us... Enigma... No idea what we will do but I'm sure, as always, It will be quite interesting and NOTHING will go according to plan... QUE STAND IN SHAINA TO DRAMATICALLY CLUTCH HER CHEST AND FAINT AT THE IDEA...

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