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Welcome to the skinny girl page.  

I get so many questions and comments about my weight loss and diets so I thought "why not have a specific place for ALL Information" So here is everything you need to know (this page is chock full of goodies so check out the links).  

When I decided to move to Korea I knew it was definitely time for some big changes; starting with my body.  January 2010 my brobdingnagian body weighed in at 284 lbs.  KILL MYSELF

Enter HCG AKA pregnancy hormone.  
I needed to kick start my body because it was so used to yo-yo dieting.  I went to the doctor and started HCG at the very beginning of February and by April I  had lost about 35 pounds!  What to know all about it?

Enter Obsession with under 220 lbs.
Once I got a taste of weight loss it was pretty much a wrap.  It was like a drug.  I attacked the scale every morning and the results either ruined my day  or made me walk around like the Juggernaut.  I held on to that obsession until I hit my goal while living here in Korea.  Lots of exercise including Insanity, Taebo (my first love), Hip hop abs (making me see lots of results when I do them in the morning), running, bike, and billions of sit ups, and I finally reached that mark!

Enter Obsession with 185 (by way of under 200) lbs.
Enter Obsession with being healthy
So as of February I have been working to get to 185 by the time I leave Korea (44 days yay).  First and foremost, I want to be under 200lbs, which I haven't been since high school.  185 has been the big shebang in my head since I began this journey, but the real goal is 165-160 lbs. The more I lose, the more I know what I am capable of.  At the same time, I have begun to workout consistently and obsessively in the morning and afternoon!  I have been called Workout Nazi, Exercise crack head, and Exercise queen...feels good.  I have just finished reading The 4 hour Body by Tim Ferris, and in it he discusses the SLOW CARB DIET (click the link and it will take you to his blog and you wont even need to buy the book, but trust me, you should).  20 lbs in 30 days...yea I can do that.  Here is my video of the week 1 results.  I will update every week!

Starting---Wednesday April 27--- 96.4 kg = 212.8lbs
Week 1---Wednesday May 4---94.7 kg = 208.3 lbs
Week 2--- Friday May 13--- 94.4 kg =  207.6 lbs
(Only lasted 2 weeks on that because of all the going away parties in Korea :/)

My Goals:
  • Be a size 8 (my hips might keep me at a 10 though)
  • 165
  • Exercise at least 5 times a week and document miles on DAILY MILE.
  • Have super toned arms (Michelle Obama status)
  • Have defined legs
  • FLAT STOMACH (God I want this one)
  • Sexy back

Can't Live Without:
  • Taebo-- Billy has been kicking ass since 1922
  • Bike- I love the bike!!!
  • A semi carb-less diet-  You have to know you body, and one of the things I learned is that if I want to drop considerable weight I have to limit carbs to practically 0!
  • Cheat days- I have to have a day (or 2) where I stuff myself to oblivion
  • Red Wine- Must have some right before bed.  Helps me sleep and helps the sweet tooth when I am on a strict plan
  • A plan- If I don't have a specific plan in mind I will fail.  "Eat Healthy" is an EPIC FAIL to me.  I need details and plans all the time.  
  • Scale- Must weigh myself everyday so that I can know how the food consumed on the previous day has affected me.  some people choose only once a week or something.  No thanks
  • NO-- Learning to say no to food is not nearly as hard as saying no to friends.  "Lets go out" "Lets do shots".  JUST SAY NO!
  • My Nook- I use my nook to document everything I eat in the calendar and I also include my workouts.  You can use anything.  There are so many apps for your phone as well.  Before my nook I just used a small notebook.  The point is... No documentation = No significant weight loss. 
  • M&M peanuts, home made cookies/brownies with ice cream, chips, toffee- Know what you like.  When on a strict diet pay attention to the things you crave the most and save them for your cheat day.  I find that I always ended up eating doughnuts when they were brought into the office but they are not even my favorite.  If I must waste calories then let me really get a kick out of it.
  •  Knowledge of TOM-  Most women know when their periods are coming but I even go so far as to pay attention to the days where I am most likely to retain water; up to 4 days before it even gets here.  The scale starts doing stupid things and I can't count those in results.

So here is my weight loss LIFE all spelled out for everyone to know!  Please let me know if you have any questions!  


  1. Great job outlining all of this AND sticking to your plan. I'm inspired, cause I'm just about where you were when you started!

  2. Shew... after 1 day, I'm really not sure I can handle eating just a handful of the same meals all the time. I'm already wanting fruit :(

  3. DONT DO IT!!!!! HOLD STRONG!! On the cheat day go all out on fruit!


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