Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm Not Gonna Do....What Everbody Thinks I'm Gonna Do...AND FLIP OUT

Incase you didn't notice from my lovely Jerry Maguire quote...I may feel a little flip out coming on. But, as I have for the past few months, I am trying to subdue that feeling of "PLEASE FIND THE SHARPEST KNIFE YOU CAN AND PRESS IT DIRECTLY INTO YOUR CAROTID ARTERY...PLEASE AND THANK YOU" with a few mantras:

  • You're in Korea, of course you're stressed!
  • You are not more sane upon the arrival of pms, but quite the contrary my dear Watson.
  • You are not huge, everyone in Korea is just small.
  • Just be lucky that your particular brand of crazy is widely accepted and often times adored (yes, I do toot my horn in my own mantras!)
  • STFU nutcase!
Once I remind myself of a few key points, I feel myself settling back into a more relaxed state... Not quite homeostasis, but calmer nonetheless.

Ok, now that I got that out, on to other things. In lieu of my emotional flip out rearing its ugly head, I found myself in need of a shopping fix. Now this could have one either way because of the size situaiton; I could not found anything to buy ad blown up all of Shinae (downtown) or
I could have come hope pleased. Luckily it was the latter (dont think I want to take part in the nasty business that is the Korean Justice System). To my utter and total disbelief, I was able to buy 4 shirts, a part of legging like skinny jeans, a brown sachel purse thingy (not my style but I really dig it), a new scrap book, some pretty pens, and a sleeping mask! As you can see the trip was somewhat random and all over the place. Lara and I had a wonderful time; Lara preparing for her date, and myself refraining from murdering people. We also enjoyed a lovely burger and fries from Kraze Burger. Needless to say, it didnt quite go with my workout-eat right plan, but the first 5 days of the month are off limits for that shit!

So project "Make Yourself Happy" continues tonight and I am going to go to Skin Food and buy some new nail polish... shocking blue or gold or something... and I'm going to manicure and pedicure myself, wash my hair, facial, shave, clean my room, and listen to Man in the Mirror on repeat. Sounds good doesnt it? Anddddddddddd the best part....

Im going to be having some Muther Effin chocolate while I while I watch some kind of chick flick at the end of all of this and lets not forget the crying that HAS to happen while I'm watching the movie...AND I just figured out that the movie is going to be none other than the Wizard of Oz. All of these things make SHAINA happy so I should be 100% by tomorrow! So I leave you with this question... Is your night going to be as fun as mine lol? (That was sarcasm of course) AMERICA---F*** YEA!

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