Monday, November 8, 2010

COLD is the understatement of the year

This morning...Sad...I know
There is nothing right about the weather in Korea.  Living in Arizona for so long has spoiled me in more ways than one.  Today, when I walked out of my warm and toasty abode, I walked right into 27 degree weather.  W the F?  It was the worst feeling ever.  I have not experienced anything quite so cold in a long time.  I never saw anything in the 20's when I was living in good ole AZ and I promise I don't want to.  You see this picture???  They told me today it was "just starting to get cold" GTFOH!!!!  This is how I looked for "just starting to get cold".  This is not ok.  I'm praying to the jacket God's to protect me through what is sure to be a rough time


  1. OMG! I feel the exact same way...I've decided to carry a blanket with me everywhere... my kids do it so why the hell can't I?

  2. I agree... I can't handle it! Im not used to this anymore! :(


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