Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Foiled again

Yesterday I left home super excited. I had a handful of documents that were going to seal the deal for my Visa and my job. I drove to school on cloud 9 and ran to Castenzio's room to tell him the good news. "I finally have everything I need". After the horrid issue with Arizona not giving background checks, the FBI taking 13 weeks, and having to pay Berea College the money I owed them for transcripts, I finally had all documents in hand; Kentucky Background check, transcripts, Bachelors Degree, Masters degree, andddddddddd my contract! Whooo.

Fast forward to 8:30am before the middle school field trip. Castenzio comes to my room to see all of my documents and Christina comes in to tell me about the Suns game last night and how they did the wave like 9 times. In my excitement about all that was about to happen I decide to do the wave too! WHOOOOOOOOO... And I'll be dammed if I didn't spill coffee all over my background check. URGH!! Ok, not the actual check, but the apostilled seal that proves that my background check is official.
Ok, Its just the top but seriously??? Can I get a break? I hope they take it because this whole thing is getting really out of control. Is it that bad??? The seal is perfectly intact so maybe I am overreacting. Who knows. I'm just ready to arrive in my new home and settle in. Just when I thought everything was looking up... Foiled again!

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