Sunday, May 9, 2010


So Today I started packing AGAIN! Round 3 has proved to be much more productive than 1 and 2. I was on a serious mission to throw everything away. So far I am down to 2 bags and a carry on. By the time I leave, I am hoping for the same amount of luggage, but without being over packed. One bag is 30 lbs, and the other bag is 60. Gonna have to do some revamping! GRRRRR! I just want to be done with this packing already. My buddy is coming to get my bedroom set so at least that is a done deal! Round 4 happens next week!!!! Whooo!!!
Other things... I being my intense diet again tomorrow. That means that for 23 days I am going to be focused on eating the right amount of calories and not ingesting any sugars, carbs, or oils. I'm ready. I have about 50 pounds to lose before I am at my goal weight. YES! The need for shopping in Korea is super important! Must have clothes! Even though I wont be able to drink, or even really eat, at my own going away party, or any of the other parties I am going to be involved in, I am still ready to do this! Go me!

This week is all about packing, cleaning up my classroom, throwing away crap, paying off Arizona stuff, and of course thinking about getting my Visa and hoping it goes well. While packing, I found this wonderful picture of me cheerleading!
Cute huh? I'd love to get back to THAT size. Lets try it! I'm also trying to let my hair grow back. All that stress and color ruined it so I am just going to keep letting it breathe. Lets see what happens. Ok, Back to Sci Fi


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