Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wonder Twin Powers: ACTIVATE!!!

Yes, I am finally feeling like I am coming down off of that high, and back to homeostasis where both parts of me (sane and insane naturally) team up to do great things. I have brought myself back to equilibrium and I am ready to kick ass and take names! Sometimes I wonder if my Id, Ego, and Superego have all decided to play a cruel joke on me. Incidentally, sane people are usually very apt to listen to the Ego and Super (for those of you who were not psyche majors, the Id-instinctual behaviors, like slapping someone who made you wait to long in line, Ego-organized, realistic and sensible and seeks to please the id in a rational way, like dropping all your change on the counter to get back at the sales lady, and the super ego- moral in all his ways, the super ego tells you its not worth it and to be the bigger person) but I seem to be prone to the Id. Does that make me a serial killer??? Maybe...

The problem: I think that sometimes they try to join together with that bitch Lady Luck, and that Douche Karma, and see just how much they can fuck with me. "Hey guys, you should come and get our girl!". I swear I have the worst shit happen to me ALL the time. NOT that I'm saying it couldn't get worst, because I know it could, but I do say BRING IT ON FUCKERS!

Now that I am coming down off of the PMS high, I am starting to rethink the things that were bothering me; some still playing on my mental faculties, and others are decidedly rubbish. However, one thing remains certain;

I must change my focus
  • I did not come to Korea for clothing and shoes (only) and I must remember to not be so disappointed in things I can't change
  • I should spend my time working on said problem instead of complaining about it
  • I LOVE KOREA... all bullshit aside, I love being here... I love this experience even down to my job
  • Things will turn out the way they are supposed to. I am a firm believer in faith and destiny and I think everything happens for a reason, so with that said, I must learn to stop trying to MAKE things happen the way I want them to. (all things included lol).
  • Lastly, life is more fun when you just don't give a fuck.
So I will do my best to keep these things in mind.

Onto happier things, I am going to see twilight tomorrow and i have bought paint so I can make my shirt! I am very excited about it!
I am so lame! I know but I am sooooooo ready to wear my "TEAM THREESOME" shirt! Especially since most Koreans wont know what the hell it means anyway! So now, after an extensive workout, dinner, and "Recovery" by Eminem on repeat, I am ready to retire to my bed with my Sherlock Holmes Mysteries and my cup of green tea. After all, my wonder twin powers have to relax sometimes.

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