Monday, September 13, 2010

25 so far... I like it!

Sexy??? I know lol
Ajumma Hats from Nick!
So I have literally been 25 for 2 weeks now and I've got to say that I have brought it in pretty well.  I had the best weekend with my buddies that included much laughing, drinking, eating, and half naked debauchery on the pole between me and my Robert lol.  The korean men didnt know what the hell to do with what was going on between us in Frog Rain this time.  And I was a mess as was to be expected.

Dinner was awesome and everyone was there except a few people so I was sooooo happy because for me, dinner was the most important part of the night.  Anyone can go to the bars afterward.  The dinner was the part that I felt was really for ME.  ANNNND they had free beer so everyone was happy (except me).

The Bars were great and the club was NASTY (like I like it) and the company was awesome.  The next day Rob and I just stayed in the bed except to get a Kabob from Shinnae.  It was a lovely weekend!

Work is awesome and working out is kicking ass... Last weekend I ventured off to the land of gunsan once again where Rob and I spent another weekend wrapped up in eachothers arms making jokes, having laughs, and watching movies.  AND THANK CARL FOR THAT! LOL!

This weekend will be spent in Seoul getting my hair done and taking myself out to dinner before my VACATION!!! WHOOOO!!!  Such a wonderful life I have! 

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