Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Things to Know about Teaching in Korea

My first real...ALL ABOUT KOREA BLOG!!  I figure its time to start adding more information about how life is, and not just what I get into every weekend lol.  So here are a few things I've picked up!

  • Koreans do everything ass backwards-- They have next day deadlines, random pointless meetings (that could be easily discussed in an email), they give you options that are not really options "Would you like Monday or Friday off...but we prefer you take Monday, sooooo take off Monday" wth??, they are obsessed with child satisfaction over what is actually practical, and they invite you on Thursday to events on Friday... "I'm sorry I wont be attending that event!"
UPDATE AT 2:17-  they are telling us right now, that they told us something... THAT THEY DIDN'T TELL US!  
  • It's impossible to count calories--Remember that this is a DIVA's view of South Korea lol.  I can't possible keep my calories counted when I eat Korean Food.  1. I cant read the damn menu so I have to point at the pictures! 2. Who the hell knows what its cooked or what they add to it... Needless to say, I unhappily gained about 4 pounds during my first 3 months here, but I have lost those and a few more.  DEDICATION!
  • You can't wear sleeveless shirts-- I am a great big fan of showing off my arms, neck, and my cleavage, but not distastefully of course lol.  I have so many shirts in my closet that I can't wear because they are sleeveless.  They are very business casual and generally nice shirts, but because of the cultural differences here I cant wear them without a wrap of jacket of some kind.  Which is another problem entirely because none of their jackets fit my arms.  Wasted clothing :( I don't like it.  But THEY can wear shorts up their asses all the time.  It sucks.  This Cartoon Captures it in its entirety.
  • Kids are Kids are kids...EVERYWHERE-- I was under the impression that I was coming to heaven.  Little Asian baby geniuses that were soooo ready to soak up all this knowledge I had to offer.  WRONG.  Korean kids are just that... kids, and just like kids everywhere else, they are a pain in the ass. "PITA" if you will.  They talk when they shouldn't, they curse under their breath, they play fight like crazy, they hate school, they hate homework, and they would much rather NOT be learning English.  There is a geek that knows all the answers, a teachers pet who is always volunteering, a Diva who is always trying to go to her phone in the locker room, girls who gossip, a boy who is confused, a fat girl who is shy, a fat boy who is loud, a Rico Suave who has his hair dyed lighter and thinks he is the bomb... I could go on and on...  Kids are Kids (but they are still better than the kids in the states... no doubt)
But even with all of that.... I love my job

More to come...Trust me...


    1. You still have it lucky! You work with a whole bunch of foreigners. I am the only foreigner at my school and they often do not tell me things until like an hour before or even when something has already started!

    2. I hate long sleeve shirts and always wear short sleeves. All year. Even Koreans who have known me, and worked with me, for 4 years would freak out a few times a year (fall, winter, spring) because I wore short sleeves. They may conform to their idea of seasonal dress I conform to my comfort zone. :)

    3. I love the way you think. I am not ok with the way the code works here. But NOOOOOOOOWWWWW its FREEZING!!! I can't wear enough clothing!


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