Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What better way to start...Day 1

As promised, I am capturing my 25th year on film and there can be little to no pictures of me. (No self portraits anyway, unless they hold a specific purpose. ) Here is the first shot...
No Editing done...just raw material for this one

This is a picture of what was left of my bowl of fruit cake given to me by my lovely adult students. They turned out the lights and sang to me and made an otherwise lack luster day fabulous. It was wonderful and completely unexpected. I took a nice bite out of the chocolate oval that said "Tous Les Jours" which means "everyday" in french. Too bad Les Jours doesn't mean something cool by itself, it just means "day" lol... that would have made he picture even better. To top it off, I actually had 2 cakes! One from my Korean teacher and then another from my students. The day wasn't great but they definitely made everything wonderful. I love this shot, and it was a perfect way to start my 25 on film. More sure to come!

Going to keep them all HERE IN THIS BLOG


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