Saturday, October 23, 2010

Can you really "LOVE" your job?

I hear people say "My job doesn't even feel like work because I love what I do".  Hmmmm...Let's expand on that shall we.

For an average person this statement might very well be true.  And average run of the mill everyday kind of person might in fact "Love going to the same job everyday", but for someone like me I wonder if this will ever be the case.  I am somewhat of an "ADD professional".  I am interested in so many different things, that I don't know if I could settle into one specific career.  True enough, I could pick something that was constantly changing and challenging me, but on any given day my interests change completely.  One day I want to teach, another day I want a psychology practice, another day I want to work in higher education like College campus life, the next day I want to write, after that I want to go back to school for "FILL IN THE BLANK", ect.  The list continues.  Now do not for one moment mistake me a for woman who can not make up her mind, for that is not the case, I am more of Jack of all trades.  I dabble in a variety of life skills;  maybe even a melting pot of talent, if you will, and I am constantly living outside of the box.  How then, could anyone presume to restrict me to the confines of one profession?

So I ask again, can you really love your job... if you are someone like me?  This is a sincere question.  I believe that I could be wrong so opinions are welcome.  Here is where my theory could fall apart.

I have been working since the tender age of 15; because I had to, not because I wanted to.  Didn't have money for anything when I was coming up so when I hit the working age, I made sure that I was employed.  So I have been working for the past 10 years, which most people my age probably can't say.  Not bullshit jobs either- managers, team leaders, ect- and sometimes more than one job at a time.  Yes, life was not always easy and rosy for me like some of my more privileged friends but I'm not complaining, merely getting to the point.  Work has yet to be something that I have chosen to do.  Even being here in Korea, love the place, but I've been over teaching since 2008, again I'm teaching because 1. I'm good at it, and 2. because it gives me access to be where I want to be.  Point:  Maybe I need to actually find something I love to do and choose to do.

The only job I have ever really loved was being the Campus Activities board chair.  I loved the Event planning, working with the agents, organizing the events, and of course, having a team of people that have to do what I say because I'm a controlling bitch I am a born leader.  This is the kind of atmosphere I would love to be in everyday, but I don't know what that would look like on a professional level.  What the hell do I major in for that?  Lately I have been looking into the medical field, or back into the medical field actually.  Before I jump the broom and move right into it, I am actually investing time into taking a free Biology course and a  free Anatomy course so that I can see how interested I am in field.  So far so good and I am definitely liking learning more about my own body!  So let's see where that goes.

At the end of the day, I want to believe that I will find something that I can be happy to do everyday, but I am not the average person.  The get up and go to work everyday completely content with a mundane existence and yea I am what.  I hope that my desire to have my toe in so many different waters fades away when I no longer "have to work" and I can find something I can stick with. There were so many things that I wanted to explore but I couldn't because I had to grow up so fast and concern myself only with making a better future. Maybe when I'm done making up for lost time I can find a job I love and turn all the other things into hobbies and be like everyone else.  But can you really love your job?


  1. You made a lot of great points sis. I do however feel as though you can genuinely love your job :-)


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