Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jimjilbang- My first Korean Bath House

 So, as I said in my earlier post, I went to check out the jimjilbang in Dreamplus today and boy o boy was it an experience.  I was NAKED-- just like I like to be-wait, let me back up and start from the beginning.

I arrive at the bath house not really knowing what I'm in for.  I know that there is going to be nakedness and that is pretty much as far as it goes.  When I get there I go to the buffet in the building so that I wouldnt workout out on an empty stomach and how proud was I that I went and had salad and soup.  (and for 15,00 won that was an awesome buffet!) After the buffet I meandered my way down to the fitness center, where once again, my sole means of communication were body language and grunts.  I walk in and I immediately find myself surrounded by naked Korean bodies, both old and young.  The desk lady looks at me and smiles as she realizes that she does not have an outfit that will fit this luscious body .Sheit  hands me this shirt and it is tight as hell but I a  go with it.  I figure I will check out the gym before I go and get this much needed massage.  "Checking out the gym" turned into Shaina getting her ass kicked by a Korean Trainer.   Not just any trainer either.  The guy with his damn face on the wall--the HKIC, if you will  (for those of you reading who are not black lol the original statement is HNIC- head ni**a in charge, but the acronym was changed to be more applicable!).  And when I say he kicked my ass... I mean he took his foot off, and swung it at my ass like a baseball bat, and sadly he was just getting started.  We did abs, cardio, and a serious interval circuit, and when I stopped to BREATHE he would yell 화이팅 (Hwaiting)- which is korean for FIGHTING!!! Aka- DONT BE A P***Y!  I was like damn give me a minute.  After my 10 minute speed walk on an incline (which he called cool down) I said my "good byes "and my "see you next weeks" and they watched the Great Black Hope walk down the stairs.

Me and the bullshit towel
Once I got downstairs, I went to my locked and prepared myself to get ass naked in front of all these other women.  I was in a sea of saggy nipples/asses and pubic hair lmao!! (that actually made me chuckle).  I went to get a towel from the front desk lady and --what the hell, they were the size of a pillow case.  Now what the hell am I going to with THAT.  Hence...this face-------->

Once I got the courage to actually walk away from the locker I was hiding behind, I walked into the Sauna/bath house and I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations.  I was actually taken aback and stopped at the door just too look around.  (too bad I couldn't take pictures)  There were showers, scrubbing areas, and several huge tubs.  I guess I forgot that it was actually a bathing house.  I cleaned up and went straight for that hot tub.  (NOTE: Make sure you clean yourself throughly before you enter the tub...I almost made a biiiiiiiig booboo).  It was just what I needed.  The only thing missing was my music, which I will surely have next time.  I sat there and relaxed the night away.  

Little ass outfit

I still wanted a shot at my massage but look at the tiny ass outfit that I had to squeeze into.  But- I did it, only to find that the massage person was gone for the day.  However, my spirits were high and now I feel good.  I have great faith in my sleep tonight.  Bath House-- my new favorite place.

Next day edit---sleep was good!

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  1. Ahh I know this post is old, but Thank you. I'm black too and I've been thinking of trying out a 찜질방 one day, but I've always been worried that I might get judged by my skin color. I know it sounds stupid xD. I know I'll definitely get stares (my biggest fear is that someone might ask why it doesn't come off xD. I know that sounds stupid and probably wont happen, but Korea is very homogeneous and they don't see black folks every day xD)

    Thank you so much for your experience! I feel more confident now.


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