Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mind Over Food

I don't know what I'm doing right now, but whatever it is, its working!  Two weeks ago I wrote an entry in my journal about my optimal focus- Self Control.  The plan was to focus only on what was in front of me at the moment.  Forget about the scale (but get on it everyday).  Forget about the Slow Carb Diet (but try not to have any carbs and sugar anyway).  Forget about obsessing.

Self Control.

So I stuck to the water drinking, lots of beans, breakfast, and exercise.  I went out everyday this week and hung out with friends and when I felt those o so familiar urges I would just mentally repeat "self control" and pop an image of something I wanted in my mind.  A few of my thin-spirations.

Novato - Natural Cork main view
Shoes- shoe game is the most important
Eva- she is always fly
Ruched sleeveless dress
Dresses- love the skin tight dress look
solid black empress top   solid black low rise moderate bottom   solid black scoop moderate bottom
And of course the 2 piece

So after popping those images in my head in some kind of weird "be skinny" montage I have actually been able to control everything I put into my mouth.  Who knew?  It also helps with the guilt.  When I make conscious decisions to eat whatever it is, I don't feel guilty after.  "I am going to eat two of these oreos and thats it".  I eat them and feel like a million bucks.  So I truly think its the mantra that has continued the decrease in poundage.  

However, it could also be the fact that I'm leaving in like 12 days and I wanna be uber fly.  Maybe a combination of both.  But I figured out some things as well. 

Last night I went to girls night at Caelyns house and we had Shrimp fried rice, fried chicken, lasagna, wine, and I baked Pizzookies (recipe to come later) with ice cream.  Lord it was great.  When I weighed myself this morning there was only a small increase.  NICEEEEEEEE.  So here is what I figured out.
  • I can't get drunk- alcohol, me, and the scale do not get along at all.  So no more drunken nights.  Leaving Korea will make that much easier for me as well.
  • I can't do the obsessive calories- So most of the no carb no sugar diets have a massive increase in calories from other places-especially protein.  While I can up the amount of protein in my diet, I can't eat the recommended amount because it just sits in my tummy.  No thanks.  To each her own.  
  • Cheat days in moderation- Definitely don't think I need a cheat day every week and even when I do it will only be small cheats.  No outlandish eating or cheating at every meal. At least not until I can eat like a real human (goal weight)
  • You are not as hungry as you think- People survive off little to nothing in some places and most of us westerners just over kill.  Gotta base my food intake on my activities for the day.
"SELF CONTROL " "REMEMBER" "WHAT THE HELL"-- things I say to myself.  Give it a shot.

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