Monday, June 27, 2011

Dinners, Desserts, and Housegirlfriendery --Whats up with Shay

Hi boo's!  Its time for a new edition of "Whats up with Shay".  This has been my first full week in the country and so far I am loving it.  Here's what Ive been up to.

Cooking and overall Housegirlfriendery--
Ahhh the joys of the Kitchen.  I have really been having a great time coming up with healthy recipes and delectable treats for myself and the Honeypie.  I mean really loving it.  So far my days have been filled with cooking, exercise, Practicando Espanol, a movie or 2, reading, cleaning, and soon it will be filled with writing and trying to sell my work to magazines.  Now is the time to finally start doing all the things I used to say I didn't have time for; especially writing.  And yes, I'm lame.  I like getting up in the morning and making breakfast and lunch for the honey.  Thinking about what to make for dinner.  Not to mention, I now have a menu board!  AHHHHHHH lookey lookey!

Now YOUS GUYS can call me cheesy all you want but I love it (In my Italian accent)  That is the menu for tonight's dinner.  See the glory here lol.

In the oven right now yum
And if the honeypie remember the ice cream I will make another batch of those glorious Pizzookies:

Hell I might make them even without the Ice Cream.

It seems like the fitness goddess is having a momentary (lets just say what it really is; 2 - 3 weeks) lapse in fitness judgement and enjoying cooking and eating!!!

Don't worry your little head though - Soon I will be back to my food conscious over exercising self.
I mean, I was in a country where I could hardly EVER get what I want!  The options just weren't there.  But now, I can have whatever my heart desires and its been desiring quite a lot.  ESPECIALLY HUMUS.

Which brings me to our next topic.

This weekend--
I had such a great time this past weekend.  On Friday night we went into town and dined at the ZEN NOODLE BAR.  It was very nice.  Not quite upscale but definitely posh (like my UK lingo).  There, we had a kind of fusion Chinese dinner.  And we looked great!


Ahhh I know...Sexy much!  Saturday we went to Cambridge and ventured to see "Bad Teacher".  It was hilarious.  We had dinner at a spot called Nandos where I started with... you guessed it... HUMUS!!!  We also played a heavy game of table hockey and it was ROUGH!  I pretty much kicked ass but Rob managed to talk his way into being the winner.  THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO IT!  My blog, my truths lol.  Sunday we went for a lovely drive and ended up doing a little shopping and having lunch before coming home and talking to Ashley for 127 hours and having some nice drinks.  My first weekend= Awesome.

So there it is... more specifics to come---

And dinner was awesome.

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