Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's up with Shay

Welcome to my new Monday Ramblings!  Every "Day of the Mon" I am going to write a blog about what is going on with me in health, life, and cooking!  Soooo let's pretend that today is Monday shall we.  

Working out - While I did eat myself stupid  during my last week in Korea, I also tried to keep working out but here I dont have the luxury of having the bike and the treadmill in the next room. Lucky for me, The Honeypie bought me a Kettle bell and a yoga mat.  OMG...  Where has the Kettle bell been all my life.  Effed my muscles in the A.   Here is the workout I did today and plan on doing Thursday as well.  

Wide grip pushups 3/10
kettlebell swings (20 lb) 3/25
Squat press with kettle 3/12
One arm one leg DB row 3/10 each arm
lunges 3/10 each leg
100 reg crunches
heel touch obique crunches 3/10
v sit ups 3/10
throw downs with scissor kick 3/10
15 minutes of Hip Hop Abs

It whipped my booty.  My whole body is literally on fire but it was O so good.  Tomorrow I will probably do  Insanity or Taebo.  I also have some new recipes that I am going to try this week for healthyness, will post results later.  I figure since I will be home I can really go to town on these workouts and recipes. Speaking of staying at home...

Staying at home- Its only been a couple of days but I am really enjoying being at home and taking care of the house and The Honeypie.  I know it might seem ridiculous that EYE, Ms. Working since 15, could actually love the idea of domestication but tis so.  I've cleaned, done laundry, washed dishes, cooked, workout out, decorated, ect. and I love it. Me and The Honeypie are enjoying our new lives together very much.  Just call me Susie Homemaker and call him Ricky Ricardo... LUUUUUCYYYYY IM HOOOOME

After our first major shopping trip

I love this house- OMG its so cozy and already feels like its full of love and warmth.  The process of getting a home together is not an easy one.  Lots of time, Ideas, Money, and Work have to go into it, but this place just  felt like home so quickly.  I love it here, and I love the way England looks in general.  I definitely don't like the spiders though!  So whats up with shay...


The Honeypie Blushing at me taking pictures of us setting up! 

Kitchen table with the Korean place mats

The front of the house.  So pretty

My favorite thing... the view from the bedroom, so serene

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