Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gunsan and Almost 25- 2 blogs in 1

This weekend I found myself in Gunsan to visit Robert. Gunsan is where the base is located and its pretty much a fishing city. Really calm and laid back. He couldnt come until Saturday morning so I stayed in the big bed at the PIANO MOTEL all by my lonesome. I had such a good time. I walked around the room playing with all the buttons and exploring the room until I finally took a shower and collapsed on the bed. I drank a bottle of Soju and watching some random TV shows until I fell asleep. When Robert Finally on saturday morning we did what we always do; we lay around in the bed for maybe 5 hours just talking until it was time to get up and eat. We decided to make a documentary of our ridiculous lives and we started with Gunsan, see the first video here. It was so much fun. Our weekend consisted of lying in the bed, walking around aimlessly, and being almost in complete sync with the random thoughts we were thinking. We had fantastic chinese food and we also went to Dasarang. The piano motel was FABULOUS!!! If you stay in Gunsan, you must try these places. Gunsan exploration weekend= SUCCESS!!!

A few pics of my week and weekend...

Almost 25

Ok, there are a few things I am going to be working on this year. 24 was a year of complete change for me. I changed my attitude, the way I looked, the place I called home, and ultimatley the entire direction my life was going. It was a HUGE year for me and for the better. In 2 days I will be 25. While the birthday festivities are going to be awesome, I am super excited about the things I am going to be tackling for my 25th year of existence. They are as follows:

It is my sincere wish to be just a little less high maintenence. While part of me will always have some feeling of being saditty lol, I want to be less worried about minute things. More "one with the earth" as my dad used to say

> Of a schedule freak-
Anyone who knows me knows that I am quite obsessive about a plan. While I have become much better at this during the 24th year, It is definitely something that I am going t have to continue to work on. I become noticeably pissed when plans don't work out. I want to be more flexible and more "go with the flow"-ish. It will be an ongoing battle!

This year I will hit my goal of 185. That is about 45 more lbs in addition to the 50 I have already lost! No need to say more about that. Starting with 10 lbs in the month of September. Excluding the first weekend because I'm going to be DRUNK! 185--Its going to happen...period

Documentation of things other than myself-
I plan to take a picture of something awesome that isn't me! lol! I would like to say one for each day of 25, but that's not going to happen. So I am going to say each week. I tried to take a picture of myself everyday for 2010 and it sooo didn't happen, so this time I am going to take pictures of some other things. My goal is at least 52. I'm calling it "My 25th year on film" Hold me to it OK! Also plan on getting close to finishing part one of my Book about myself and my Robert.; Mood Music. I want to write so bad. I am even thinking about writing a short story about each picture.

Finish My Korea ScrapBook-

For some reason, I never finish my scrapbooks. This time, I have to document all things Korean for my kids Robert III and Sherbet lol (horrible inside joke).

Well these are the major tings on my mind that I plan to add to my life. 2 to continue on my journey to being a better person; 1 to continue my journey to being a healthier and happier person; and 2 to continue to nurture my creative side.

And now I must saw farewell, until we meet again!

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