Friday, July 8, 2011

Only Bad Witches Are Ugly

Hello Bloggie boos. Missed me?  I know I have been AWOL on blog content but shit has been real in 31 main street Hockwold.  But, good stuff first~~~

We had the BEST anniversary 3 day weekend.  Let's start with Friday.  After I practiced driving (getting better by the way) we picked up some Vodka and Baileys and had some luscious White Russians in the Conservatory.  We hung out at home and stayed up all night listening to and talking about music.  Saturday we got up early and made some sexy breakfast; Eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and toast.  Yum yum!  There is a video of that somewhere I am sure... Anyway, then we went on base and went skating!  AHHH I havent been on skates in years!  At least 5, it was so much fun.  I am sure I would have had even more fun if I was dressed appropriately but hey, I loved it.  Not to mention, ya boy got some moves on those skates... Heeeeeeeeyyyy boooooo.  Later we bought a grill and had lunch.  I had this wonderful Chicken Kabob with fries and ...drum roll... HUMUS!  My new first love.  We came home, watched some "RJ BERGER" and got dressed for a night out but revisited the idea of going over to meet the neighbors.  So nervously, we walked over to the neighbors house and introduced ourselves.  They were sooooooo nice.  I wasnt expecting them to invite us in, feed us wine and rolled ciggys and just kick back with us, but I was glad they did.  Feels good to know I live beside some awesome people.  Anyway, we left there late as hell- maybe 10:30 and then went on a mission to find the seediest and most trifling looking club... and yes we succeeded! HOWEVER!!! On the way there we got pulled over for nothing, but just a warning thankfully.  We hung out there for some hours before stopping by the base for some more alchy and wouldn't you know.... PULLED OVER AGAIN! Lord it was a night of firsts.  And you wont believe it, but on the way home we saw a huge Dalmatian running full speed towards the car.  I mean full gallop in the middle of the road!  We thought we were going to come home to a house on fire, but all was well.  We proceeded to get drunk and profess our love to each other over and over again... On video (and no you can't see it lol).  I just realized that we crossed something else off the list- Make a video!  And boy was it a good one.

Sunday we BBQ-ed and did nothing else.  Sunday we ate.  That was it.  Food!  Burgers, shrimp kabobs, brats, banana bread, chicken.  Jesus it was a lot of food, and we smashed it and fell asleep at like 9 pm!  Awesome huh?  Monday was great though!!!  I got to go and see WICKED!!!! BWAH!!!  It was freaking fantastic!  Something else I can cross off our list of things to do.  We had to rush through dinner but we made it with time to spare and a very teary eyed Shaina got to see the show she has been waiting to see for about 5 years!  It was a great night!

Our grill

Big Ben

So on to the not so awesome stuff.  
Rob is leaving for 2 months to go to Greece.  It sucks big time.  I just got here.  Not coming back until September 1 which means fuck my birthday.  Fuck my life and fuck his job for being so rude.  Yes, I AM a little pissy about it.  So pissy, in fact, that I have refused to even write/talk about it because I dont want to hear anyone's sad fucking pity party.  I am pitiful enough, trust me.  But tomorrow is the day.  Im pretty sure I have been a bitch for most of the week simply because I am sad about the whole thing.  And more things keep coming up to make me even more pissy.  Por ejemplo, we were supposed to stay up all night tonight before he leaves for his flight, but they tell him yesterday that his flight is at 6:50 in the damn am!  The air port is 2 hours away.  You have to be there 2 hours early for international.  That ends our all nighter at about 2 am.  FUCK YOU ITINERARY!

So thats the reason I've been awol and will probably continue to be for a while (unless it have a total opposite effect and I just start writing all the time!).  All is well.  I have come to terms with it.  It sucks, but just like all the other bullshit we go through, there is nothing we can do about it so I have to just get over it, and at the end, we will come back even stronger.  Like a mothereffin PHOENIXLOVE! .  So 2 months of finding random shit to do... here I come.  I know one thing, in 2 months this house will be decked OUT!  He is leaving me the money, the car, and executive rights over this love chalet's decorations.  I can't wait to dig it!  I love him- especially through the hard times.

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  1. Well as your sis, I am not going to throw you pity party. Not because I don't care but because I know exactly how you feel and being sad about it only makes it worse and it also makes the time go by extra extra extra slow. I am sorry that he is leave cause you have only been there like a week or two. Love ya girl and if you want to talk I'm here.


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