Monday, July 11, 2011

Weed French Fries

Who knew?  Who the hell knew?  I KNEW...  I've been saying it.

"French Fries are like crack, man"-Shaina circa 1922

But who knew I picked the wrong illegal yet addictive substance to pin my obsession on?  A recent study found that snacks like potato chips and french fries have a marijuana like called Endocannabinoids.   Commence snickering with references to all the terms for weed - cannibus, endo, ect.
I bet you're wondering where the hell I found this picture! ha!

Sounds funny  huh?  Maybe, but to us rehabilitated Carbo addicts it makes a lot of sense.

"My name is Shaina, and I'm a Carbo-holic"~~~HI SHAINA~

"In their study, the Piomelli team discovered that when rats tasted something fatty, cells in their upper gut started producing endocannabinoids. Sugars and proteins, the researchers noted, did not have this effect.

The process starts on the tongue, where fats in food generate a signal that travels first to the brain and then through a nerve bundle called the vagus to the intestines. There, the signal stimulates the production of endocannabinoids, which initiates a surge in cell signaling that prompts the wanton intake of fatty foods, Piomelli said, probably by initiating the release of digestive chemicals linked to hunger and satiety that compel us to eat more."

Well would you look at that shit. I mean that's quite compelling as far as dietary information is concerned.  Granted, we all know that those snacky food suck, but I love to find out the science behind why a Spade is a Spade- especially when I am trying to throw my cards in (if you didn't get that metaphor...)!  The study also mentions that the need to consume fat comes from a primal part of our bodies (as animals) because its needed for proper cell functioning.  In the wild, these fat are not readily accessible, yet for us, it's as easy as picking up the phone.  THIS is what actually leads to obesity. (See original article here)

So not only do these foods taste delicious, are filing, and completely bad for you (those nasty Carbs I mean) they are also laced with crack (crack is my go to drug when I am talking junk, yes, I do know this blog is about mary jane).  Just like Krispy Kreme.  They are out to get me!  #FML

What is your "go to" carb of choice?


  1. ...I'm currently eating garlic strips with cheese and bacon while reading this. I swear it's the only time I'll eat them until I return to Canada after my next contract...I swear they're laced in garlic-y crack goodness.

  2. LOL! Krispy Kreme gets me everytime. I damn near wreck my car when that Hot Now sign is on.

    As for my "go to" carb snack, I would say it would have to be... salt and vinegar potatoe chips. For some reason after I eat a couple handfuls my cravings for the usual creme doughnuts, oreos, twix, kit kat, etc is gone.

  3. OMG - french fries are my weakness for sure - makes total sense to me what they're addictive!! Maybe it is time for there to be a Carbs Anonymous group!!

  4. I couldnt agree with you more! I mean yea they have over eaters anonymous but I need something more specific! We should start one!


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