Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Mos..." A love poem

Mos Def drives me crazy.
Lyrically, I loves the way he spits and how his flow can change so easily.
At one moment he's intense and hard hitting,
then in the next he is singing about being "the most beautiful boogy man"
And hitting it hard...
His versatility is awesome.
A beautiful kind of melody
Its kind of hard for me to explain the feeling I get when I hear his voice or see his face,
chocolate skin and intense eyes
filled with the power to paralyze
he's beautiful...
something inside of me just melts, and when he spits,
that he has a million children by a million women and that he may not be the best guy ever.
And I
I close my eyes
and let his sultry tone infiltrate my mind.
Suddenly I'm
in a small cafe where the air smells like soul food
and the people are
hair pulled back and head nodding
while my oversized earrings swing back and forth
I'm vibin to his beat
Gyrating in the seat
while he sips his jack and coke
and whispers the words to "Boogy man"
"See me, want me, give me, trust me
Feed me, fuck me, love me, touch me
this whole world is cold and ugly
What we are is low and lovely
I am the most beautiful boogie man"
his voice fades and his eyes catch mine
but his
last words stay on my mind
There is a balance that I find
solice in this time
we have together
and I remember what I sometimes forget
No matter how far removed I might be
I am soul...
I embody it...
I desire it...
And when too far removed from it
I feind for it
And he brings me back...
Mos Def drives me crazy...

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