Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Simple Things

This past weekend I found myself in Pearl Jam extremely drunk off my ass. I didn't expect to become that way, but you know how those things go. Pearl Jam is the Western bar that we frequent because they have good American Food. After several Vodka Pineapples that were shared with Ciara I ventured over to Buzz Bar (another western bar which is also my favorite) with Sean, Neil, Gerri, and Ted! How very fun that was! Neil and Gerri are the best young married couple I have met so far and I'm sure Rob would think so too. Suddenly I am drinking more Vodka and taking more shots!!! WTH?? I'm dancing with chicks and my leg is up on a table (yes I know you are wondering what the hell is wrong with me). I was out until about 2:30 or 3 am. Couldnt tell you, but I can tell you it was an EPIC night.

But thats not what I want to talk about specifically...

I have really been enjoying and noticing the very simple things that I am experiencing here. My apartment is tiny and when I cook the entire room smells like whatever I made for hours...but I like it, People stare at me all the time and even point, my students think I'm a super star, I have already made GREAT friends, I have learned to really love the sound of quiet, I dont always have the need to talk to someone, online or phone (and I can't because everyone is asleep lol), I have a balcony (great fun), My full length mirror is awesome, EVERYTHING is making me step out of my comfort zone, The man downstairs has a beautiful smiles that makes me think of Sunshine, Lost keeps me up at night wondering whats going to happen, I am so deep into this Sherlock Holmes book, Rob live a little over 2 hours away and I'm a bus ride away instead of a plane which makes me feel so comforted, I love spending time lying around doing nothing with him all day (or something lol), I love to look at him, I love he way he holds his glass when he is drinking Jack and Coke, he makes me laugh when he does my favorite wave, I love that he eats whatever I cook, I love that he loves lying next to me and watching movies all day, I love the shoes he got me, I actually love my job, I have to walk everywhere which is fantastic, Skype is a beast out here, and Lastly, I love looking in the mirror.

I guess I'm just happy.

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