Sunday, August 8, 2010

From the Pole to the bed

Its Monday (and all the entails) but I am actually quite buzzed surprisingly. Robert couldnt make it in on Friday ebcause of work so I went out to the bars with what turned into a bunch of people. Pearl Jam to MJ's to Road King to Frog Rain (which is a little Korean dance club that plays American Music). I was all over the place. I'd originally intended to stay in once I found that Robert wasnt coming out. I was extremely disappointed but Ciara made me come out with her anyway. The night was full of drinking and ended with me on a pole in Frog Rain. Fun times.

Saturday when I got home (at 5 am) I went to bed so I could await the arrival of my sweetie pie so I only got about 5 hours of sleep before getting up and cleaning up the house. He arrived and we had lunch before we laid in the bed for 4 hours talking until we fell asleep :) I do love to lay around with him. Then it was off to Calmegi and Hooka until we went to the patio.

Funny enough, we didnt want to do anything other than go to sleep. Both he and I had nothing else on our minds except getting back in the bed lol, but we made ourselves attempt to go back to the glorious FROG RAIN where I once again ended up on the pole. I wouldnt have even gotten up there but the Korean girl that thought I was gay pushed me up on to it. She thought I came back in there to get with her. SHIT!!! She was aggressive as hell to. Poking rob in the shoulder and trying to getme to dance with her. Bright side: Met new black people and got to give my boyfriend a little strip tease dance. My big daddy got a kick out of it. We were greeted by the happiest black girl ever and we kicked it with them for about 45 minutes before we made our escape back to the bed we so love. Sleep came so easily that night. I sleep better when Rob is there... even in that little ass twin bed!

After I cooked him breakfast and we watched Eclipse (finally lol) we got right back in the damn bed where we stayed until he cooked shrimp alfredo for me. Yum! Then back to bed for a nap before he left me :( I am starting to despise Sundays

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. Full of alcohol, making out, hugs, and bed. I am starting to wonder if we will always like laying aorund and just being together. I sure do hope so.

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