Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Seoul Adventure=BATES Motel

After 2 months rocking the micros with the curl at the end, my head was screaming for a new set. So I trucked it on over to Seoul to see Gloria and her sister so they could hook me up. How did I know about Gloria you ask??? Well I made connections about my hair before I even arrived in Korea... Yea you can say it "A black woman and her hair...". I had to figure out how I was going to continue to look good in this humid ass place, especially since my man lives here. Gotta keep it together. Anyway, I rode the bus straight from work and somehow found my way to Itewon and to Gloria's house where I proceeded to be have my head pulled in every direction while I sweated bullets. This was PROBLEM 1:SWEAT and GROSSNESS covered in hair!

Then I took a taxi with Gloria's sister to the downtown area so I could try to find a hotel. Little did I know that there was going to be absolutely no rooms available except this tiny room in the back of a motel. This was clearly the room that people stayed in when they were working at the front desk and didnt want to go home. It was the size of a closet and had 2 blankets on the floor. Ahem...DEATH. This was PROBLEM 2: THE BATES MOTEL ROOM! All that was missing was a crazy psycho dudechick (yes I said dudechick) to stalk me through the walls, but whose to say that wasnt happening! Straight out of PSYCHO! There were bugs, and blankets stacked in the corner for when they needed to make up the REAL rooms. I was disgusted. Not to mention, its the first week of the month... so it was even more unbearable! I didnt take off one piece of clothing the entire night. I got in around 1 am and sat in one spot. Thankfully there was a tv with 1 English channel so I was able to watch some random law show and then 2 hours of softcore porn. Which is really just boobs so it did NOTHING for me. This was PROBLEM 3: SOFT CORE PORN THE SHOWED NONE OF THE GUY'S JUNK. As I sat and swatted mosquitoes and gnats with the pillowcase from the pillow I just wanted to get into my comfort spot (laying on my back holding my legs to my chest) but I couldnt do that because there was no way in hell I was going to let my body touch any part of that floor mat. I just wanted to cry. When lack of sleep delirium set in, I just had to laugh. "How the hell do you get yourself into these situations Shaina?" I thought to myself. Still wondering that. The only thing that WASNT a #fail, was the fact that my hair looks good!

So once the first sign of sunlight shown through the little hole that was supposed to be the window, I got up and ran the hell out of there, caught the bus home, and showered for about 17 hours before I got into my bed and fell into the weirdest set of dreams ever!!! Jeez. And there is another crazy story to go into my book.

And here is a picture if you thought I was playing...

"The truth is stranger than fiction"


  1. This picture don't even make any sense... LOL! Poor Shaina! For the love of beautiful and Flyness (Fliness), if that's a word.

  2. lol... its was out of control rik, but I have redeemed myself by going to a much better place and having a great time!


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