Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I have Reappeared

So I realize that I have disappeared for some time so I am back for a moment. Let's see, whats new with me.

Went out this past weekend with Rob for his friends birthday and it was pretty interesting. the whole thing was badly thrown together and every time we arrived somewhere it seemed like there was something else wrong. Not to mention it was raining. There were some Bright sides here though:

BRIGHT SIDE 1. I didn't say one damn thing. I despise when there is no plan. Like I want to stab someone. But this weekend was not about me so I tried my hardest to shut the hell up. Do you have any idea how hard that was for me? But I think I did very well. Even when they sent us to a town with no place to meet in the pouring rain which ended up getting us into quite the heated argument with the taxi driver. Still... nothing from Shaina. Luckily, Rob was just as pissed off and it was his decision to leave early (although the look on my face had to tell him that that was definitely what we needed to do)

BRIGHT SIDE 2. We looked good. Like fresh off the red carpet good. My dress was a hot topic to me. I'd never quite worn a dress like that so I was a bit nervous about what it was going to look like. I even thought people were bullshitting me when they said it was going to look great. Paranoia. But it did in fact look awesome and I was real happy that I chose to wear it. We even matched by accident. And Robs suit looked great.

And all was well that night when we got back into our suite and sat up talking for like 2 hours.

The weekend before found me on the pole at a local Korean Dance club called FROG RAIN, even though keep calling it FROG DANCE lo.. Me and rob ventured off and had hookah and Calmegi before we went to that little spot. Very nice indeed. Right up until aKorean girl thought I was gay and tried to attack me and rob. WTF. Always a funny story though.

Work has been interesting and since we are doing the intensive program. it has been pretty intensive. I'm not a fan of teaching history in a foreign language because history is boring to kids no matter what the language. Bastards! I can't wait until I am just teaching library once again.

I feel so disconnected from my friends and family back home. There is so much to say all the time, that I just end up saying nothing at all. "hey whats new" is always my question, but when the question is asked of me there is always so much. I wish I had a BFF of my very own in Korea. I have a lot of friends, but not a BFF, like Keyonna, that I could always roll with and complain to all the time. I miss my Saturday morning tea and shit talk. I miss my late night couch sessions, and I miss our flyer than life outtings to the movies (AKA "fly for no reason" as we liked to call it"). I miss driving and I miss NOT sweating. I'm not sad, just a little nostalgic. I need someone that I can just be myself around all the time. But I can still honestly say I love it here.

This weekend I will probably go out all night once again. Rob is ditching me this weekend for some dorm clean up which actually sounds like bullshit but whatever. I will spring clean my house, even though it isnt spring, and maybe do a little redecorating. I also have some scrapbooking that needs to be DONE because I have more pictures now lol. Hmmm other than that, I think that is all for this glorious update!!! Adios

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