Monday, May 23, 2011

Stomach Bile and Potato Chips

Well hello my darlings!  I know I have been kind of AWOL but not to worry, that is all about to change.  My fingers have yearned for you.  And the title will make sense later.

Well, this past weekend was interesting to say the least and it resulted in me gaining 6 lbs!!  Impossible you say?  Well not so much with Mrs. Fatty McButterpants over here.

Friday was the going away party for Ciara, Christian, and I and it was at a Buffet.  A huge Buffet.  I wish I could say that's where most of the damage occurred, but unfortunately it was not.  While I definitely showed my ass in there, it was only the tippy top of the crack.  The real problems came later; with the alcohol.

In my quest to be more social and stop concentrating so much on losing weight, I decided to give a huge middle finger to all things healthy.  Not only did I act a fool at the buffet, but then I continued to define the word by getting butt booty drunk at Buzz.  It was NOT a game.  And about 30 minutes before I could get myself back to my apartment I was praying to the toilet Gods and coming face to liquid with stomach bile.  Real sexy Shay.
I love this Bob Marley shirt!

Ridiculous buffet-ness

Don't ask





Phillip fits right in at Cheongju English Center

Epic Ted and I at Buzz

As you can imagine by looking at the pictures, Saturday was truck loads of fun (insert sarcastic face here).  I awoke to the memory of calling Rob and professing my undying love for him; Lord have mercy on my drunken soul.  And since I am hard core, I didn't even take it back when he brought it up! THUG LIFE!!  

Saturday was full of carbs as I went and had the most fabulous pasta bread bowl at Noriter which is in Shinnae. 

Hey you see that salad on the side???!! Heck yea
As if that wasn't enough, I then went to see Pirates 4 and had a wonderful bowl of popcorn and apple pies from Burger King.  Then I went home to try to sleep off some more of the hang over which didn't work.  Later, I went to Pearl Jam and had dinner and tried to wait for Jess's going away party to start, but I could not sit there for an hour.  The longer I sat there, the more sickly I felt after the monstrous philly cheese steak and fries.  FML.  So I went home and watched a movie and fell asleep at 11:30 :(

Sunday was a movie day for us Globalvillers, so after I had a nice huge bowl of sugary cereal I went and bought 3 different kinds of chips to mix with poporn for the movie marathon.  Thats right ...THREE.  And washed it all down with 4 slices of pizza.  



Needless to say, I am back on the right track but I now have to get off the counterproductive lbs.  But...its was a helluva weekend...


  1. Shew, that's intense. All we can do is keep at it. On Saturday I went to a cookout and ate soooooo much fruit... and steak. LOL I did stick to my "no grains" rule that day, but it was still a mess. I've done much worse on the regular. Stay dedicated! :D Love reading your blog!!

  2. Thank you maam! And yes, it was major intensity. I basically ate myself stupid and now I have to make up for it. I quit at everything related to life lol.


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