Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scale Junkie

I check out a number of weight loss blogs, magazines, and journals so that I can stay abreast of new information and changes that are occurring in the world.  Not to mention that I like to get my motivation from different avenues.  One of the blogs I read posted something about "stepping off the scale".  She talked about how much a woman's body can fluctuate on a day to day basis and how mentally taxing it is to see the scale go up and down.  She also discussed the fact that for most people, the number on the scale is a direct reflection of self worth, how hard you've been working, and how close you are to your goals.  At the end of the post, her point was quite clear; stop weighting yourself everyday.

Hmmmm let's discuss this shall we?

Things I already know
I thoroughly agree that weighing yourself everyday can be a serious problem for your self esteem because of the consistent state of change occurring inside a womans body. I can attest to this first hand, and even as we speak I am trying to remind myself that these 6lbs I put on are due to TOM and not reflecting a truth.  I know that the scale is a hijo de puta.  I know that muscle weighs more than fat and you can be going hard and losing fat but the scale doesn't reflect that.

I also know, for me personally, getting on that scale everyday puts me in check.  I know that the number on that little machine can determine if its going to be the cream chicken or the salad.  I have reaped the benefits of weighing myself everyday and seeing the numbers go down consistently (big motivator).  Contrarily, I became super sized because I wasn't conscious of my weight everyday and how different foods affected my body.

My final thoughts on it
While not weighing everyday sounds good in theory, the problem is, I didn't get into this weight loss and fitness thing to be healthy and make better choices; those things were picked up along the way.

Its not about healthy, its about skinny...

Sad to say, this was and is STILL my philosophy about my personal journey.  Now I know that all the weight-loss gurus and ex-fattys will go on and on about how making healthy choices and changing your lifestyle should take precedent.  Yea Yea Yea.  Tell it to someone who doesn't know the truth.  EVERYONE who starts on these massive weight-loss journeys has one thought in mind; Looking damn good (with the exception of people who are in danger because of their health).

With that said, my working out everyday and eating right could go to hell for all I care.  Whats important to me is getting to the weight and size I want.  Period.  Two pieces, belly shirts, skin tight dresses!  Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that I am running and biking for hours and kicking some ass with my level of physical activity, but its all for the end result- BUILT-NESS-ITY (thats my goal, builtnessity).  SICK-BODIED-NESS.

I think this is why I am obsessed with the scale.  Trust me, I wish I wasn't.  I wish I was one of those people that were content with just KNOWING they were doing the right thing, but I'm not.  I like to see it.  I know the downfalls.  I know body fluctuations.  I know water retention.  I know PMS.  I know women's bodies suck.  Yea, I know all of that.  But I also know that I am weak when to comes to food, and MR. Sonofabitch scale keeps me from falling victim to gooey goodness or salty satisfaction.  I don't lie and try to pretend that I am not still mentally fat.  I will take a cheeseburger and fries over something relatively healthy any day!  I know staying away from that stuff is due self control and not the scale, but the two are somewhat intertwined in my world.

While everyone might not need to be a scale junkie, I do.  In a relationship you have to accept the ups and the downs.  For better or for worse right?

"Do you Shaina take this scale to be a huge part of your weight loss?  Do you accept the fact that some days he will bring you up, and some days he will bring you down?  Some days he will allow you to dip your hand in the chip bag, and some days he will tell you that only lettuce is allowed?  Sometimes he will lie.  Sometimes he will ruin your entire day.  But he is one of the best things that will happen to you.  Will you honor and obey?"

"I do"

So, What do you think?  I would love to hear opinions on this.  To weigh or not to weigh... That is my question???  


  1. Wow, this morning (before I read this post) I was whining to Chris how I hate the scale. I was about to buy another battery to make sure it was working correctly. I started off (almost 3 weeks ago) at 141, got down to 139, and now I'm at 144? I was like "really? wtf?" I did eat a lot at a cookout, but it wasn't even unhealthy food and it was one of the best "bad" days I've had. Fruit, fruit, and more fruit, extra steak, some chicken I didn't plan on eating, and cheese dip.

    Anyway, I thought I wouldn't have gained anything, just stayed at my current weight. It's not TOM for me either. So yeah.. wth.

    For me, it may be best to evaluate my progress through looks, how my clothes feel, how I feel in general, and measurements. I'd rather not use those type of methods because it can take sooo long for me to realize or "see" progress. The scale can put me in a damper for half a day (which is no fun for Chris seeing me in that situation).

    I do feel ya on the "it's about being skinny" deal. The other day I was eating pepperoni and some cheese b/c of the low amount of carbs, then I realized, whoa... how healthy is pepperoni? I do find myself eating some foods that aren't necessarily at my normal standards of being natural and unprocessed for the sake of losing weight. I have eaten healthier than most people I know, but healthy isn't always good for you. This is something I just realized. I can eat healthy foods all day long, but I can overeat those healthy foods all day long and gain fat, which is not good. One of my favorite trainers just posted on that topic too. It's ironic to me that I am a role model of healthy eating and fitness who is overweight. But I have realized this and am adjusting my intake for fat loss, thus is why I like being updated through your blog, books, Anton, and so forth.

    I think you know what's best for you and you aren't being ignorant about the weight loss process (e.g. diet cookies are good for you). I would say just don't overdo it. Stay focused, but don't hurt yourself. Peace!

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