Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sitting here drinking wine (as is evident by the title) in an effort to stop thinking about the things that I am currently stressing over and I ended up thinking about a bunch of other things.  Pick one and tell me your opinion... Love to hear other people's thoughts on any of these especially if you're drinking wine too.  

  1. Why is it that all the things that taste so good are all the things that are so bad for you?
  2. Why does black hair take so long to grow?
  3. Why do babies smell so good?
  4. Why is weight easy to put on and hard to take off?
  5. Is it better to be a jack of all trades OR a master at one?
  6. Why do people spend so much time talking about the sin of premarital sex and homosexuality instead of the things that really hurt people like judging, sloth, and jealousy?
  7. Why does it sometimes take a disaster to bring us closer together?
  8. Why does it take most men longer than women to be ready for marriage?
  9. Why does TV feed girls these perfect fairytales and ultimately fuck them up emotionally?
  10. Why does God love us so much when we don't deserve it?
  11. Why are some women so dependent on a man that they can never be single?
  12. Why do some women/men become so weak for a man/woman that they will allow him/her to treat them like shit?
  13. Why is this new generation of students so damn unmotivated to succeed?
  14. Why do I still have to work harder than a man?
  15. Should we go into situations with immediate trust or should we make people earn it?
  16. Do you wish on stars?
  17. Is it better to have goals and never reach them, or to be content with mediocrity?
  18. What is about to happen to education in America?
  19. When God shows you that people in your life no longer have a place there, how do you just let them go?
  20. Is everyone ELSE fucked up, or is MY idea of friendship just wrong?
  21. Why do I need to be in control?
  22. Am I ever going to pick one career or am I going to be trying something different forever?
  23. When is the idea of "beautiful" going to change in the media?
  24. Does always wanting more mean that you can never be happy?
I plan on writing a follow up to this and answer all of my own questions... but not now. Now... I load up on wine to stop my mind.  BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL I must free myself from mental anguish.  

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