Monday, February 7, 2011

Dr. Fish and Ladies Day Out

Yes those are my feet inside a huge fish bowl and before you say "what the hell", let me explain.  This past weekend Geri, Lara, Jess and I went to Osan for a day of beautification and shopping.  First stop- ESCAPE SPA.  At this Spa you have the choice of beginning your experience with Dr. Fish.  Here, you stick your feet into a big tub with your friends (everything in korea is about bonding) and watch each other squirm as the fish eat the dead skin off their feet.  As someone who is extremely ticklish, I was laughing hysterically.  It took a while to get used to these little fishies nibbling at your toeies but when it was over my feet felt like butter.  After the Dr. Fish I got a lovely pedicure and a manicure and walked out feeling like love.  Then we went to the main street for some shopping.  We were taken to the "downstairs" of the purse store where I bought a lovely coach purse.  It's a nice one to hold me over until the end of the month when I go and get my Canvas Coach (real) from the Coach store in the Seoul.  Ohhhhh I am going to write a blog with all the stuff that I want after my biggest loser challenge!  Yep there is a nice long list.  Sorry, I digress.  Anyway, after we finished some "downstairs" purse shopping we went to a Brazilian restaurant and had all you can eat meat.  OMG.  I was dead from stuffed-ation.  It was great and horrible at the same time.  After we finished, we had to walk it off and so began our mission to find the "LOVE SHOP", after all, my guy is gone now you know *wink*.  This mission proved to be unsuccessful and we were disappointed so we just hopped in a taxi to go home.  As we drive down the street we see the sweet goodness of red hearts and the words "love" and "sexy" on the door and we begin to scream "YOGI-YO YOGI-YO" (HERE HERE) to the taxi driver as we laughed uncontrollably!  Awesome.  We walked into a world of lubes and dirty toys in what looked like the underground room in a HOSTEL movie and our laughing continued.  I left with a nice new fun item and some free lube that I will never use lol!!! TMI much???  ahahaha!  The day was great, fish eating my feet, mani, pedi, purse, meat, toys, and GREAT company!

Interested in the experience?? Here is the number.  031-665-9751 they speak fluent English and accept US dollars as well as Won.


Ticklish Geri
Brazilian Food


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