Saturday, February 12, 2011

Swimming for Exercise

As I continue to try to find different ways to become the sexiest woman on the planet, I decided to incorporate swimming into my routine.  Now this is funny.

As you know, I have now lost over 70 lbs (I know right).  I used to be so graceful in the water, floating and swimming almost effortlessly from one end to the other happily.  The last time I swam in a pool must have been over 1.5 years ago and I could clearly tell a difference.  I have yet to swim with my new and less...ahem... "fluffy" body.  Boy o Boy, I got in the pool, started swimming and suddenly noticed that I was sinking! hahaha!  Muscle weighs a lot more that fat and I had to work super hard to get from one end of the pool to the other.  AH!  What a workout!  I am feeling good and plan to go again tomorrow with Jess!!! Whoooo  Swimming is the way to go!

Now about keeping this hair together!?

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