Thursday, February 10, 2011

Going Curly

 After almost a year, I am finally going to rock the curls.  I am not a fan of that "I'm natural" bullshit that people say.  In fact, I hate it.  But we will get to that later.

Sometimes I get random feeling to just change something and that happened on Wednesday when I randomly took all of my braids out while sitting at work knowing I had no intention to get my hair done any time soon.  As I sat at work with a huge Afro, I began to wonder what the hell I was going to do, and eventually said what the hell and decided to rock the curls!  Whooooo. 

I got super nervous and self conscious when I washed it on Wednesday night and it shrunk into a tiny poof!  OMG I'M BALD!!! NOOOOOO!! And it was making me crazy.  So Thursday night I set off to try to make myself look and feel better.  In truth, you can be the flyest bitch on the planet but if YOU don't think you look good, then it doesn't matter!
Half way through!! Taking forever!

 Anyway, I set out with my new products and my youtube videos ready to go and tried to make something happen.  After blow drying my hair I found that I wasn't bald after all lol!  Here are some photos from this 4 hour journey.  I started off small but I was sooo tired, that somehow they started to get bigger lol.  Of course, this was my first attempt at doing my own curls so I think I did a pretty good job, going to take some getting used to though!  I'm used to long hair, my own, and fake!

Now, why I dont like "Natural".  I feel there is this newly created battle of permed hair vs. "natural hair, with people on both side judging the other.  I hate the conversations about how black women perm their hair to look like white women, or to fit into some white stereotype.  As you can see, my hair is thick as shit and even after only a few months of growing non permed hair, and a major cut last month, its gotten pretty long.  Image what my hair was like at age 9... THICK, LONG, and I was tender-headed which made life hard for me and everyone else in my life!  So my mom permed  my hair and I loved it for years!  I STILL love it... but once I got a glimpse of those curls after a few months of braids, I wanted to try something new...

I didn't stop perming my hair to break away from some stereotype, nor did I want to "get back to my roots" or "join the sisterhood" (all that cheesy sista shit makes me want to vomit glass), I simply wanted to take another path of flyness.  So I will never refer to myself as natural, hell I'm natural even when I have a perm.  My hair is curly, I'm curly.  Still me with a perm or not.  This year is all about reinvention for me and I am liking my new CURLY hair. 
Damn that is a sexy back!

The finished product... I love it, but its definitely going to take getting used to

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