Saturday, March 12, 2011

EXERCISE-- This week 3/14-3/20

YEA!!!!! This is going to be a great week.  I have my eyes set on being super fit.  I have laspses now and then where I find myself hating the idea of getting up and doing anything.  They usually last for about a week, and this one is finally over!!  Back on the grind and trying to look like this body builder!!

No I'm kidding.  More like this chick...
Can I have yo numba?? 
I know what you're thinking- "Why is Shaina uploading this soft-core porn on her blog" hahaha but really and truly, this is the kind of end result body I'm looking for!  Thats a bad ass body she has going on there... massive definition in the legs, sculpted arms, and a nice flat stomach.  Sexy.  The closer I get to my mini goals, the more realistic this end result is.  Can you see my head on this body???  I can!  This outline is more for myself and anyone else, but feel free to take what you will

So this weeks plan:

Monday--Friday Meals with little to no variation
Slim fast bar
10 almonds
Slim fast bar with banana
10 almonds
Salmon (orange, lemon butter, cream)and veggies

Possible additions- special k cereal with low fat milk, eggs and sausage, bananas, ect.

Monday workout- AM-10 minute trainer yoga in PM- p90x chest and back and ab ripper X
Tuesday- AM-10 minute yoga and 20 minute intervals PM p90x plyometrics
Wednesday AM- yoga PM- p90x shoulders and arms and ab ripper x
Thursday- AM- interval run PM- p90x Yoga X
Friday- Am- deep stretch yoga PM- p90x legs and back and ab ripper X
Saturday- KENPO X- p90x

Need to know how to get p90X (for the low low lol)...ask me, I will get you the info!

What are you doing this week!?  Any suggestions?

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