Friday, March 25, 2011

A New Low and a Cheat

A New Low--
Today when I got on the scale I was elated to see that I had reached a new low!!!  Today's weight was 94.9 kg which is 208 lbs.  From 284 to 208 is 76 pounds down.  HELL EFFIN YEA!!!  I have done 20 miles this week and plan to do more once my hair is done!!!  So happy to have joined "The daily mile" as well.  It helps me see what other people do, and since I always want to kick people's asses and be better than them, its a great motivation.  Join here.  It kicks ass.  I am officially out of the teens and into the single digits.  YAY ME!!!  8 more pounds to go before I hit the first goal.  I can taste it!!!  Then 15 after that!  So excited!  I can't wait to amp it up next week!  A new low indeed

I planned my cheat in advance this week.  No random binge cheat.  After I finished my workout, I found that I didnt want to cheat anymore.  However, I think it is imperative to get it out of your system at least once a week.  I went to Pearl Jam to get my favorite philly cheese steak and fries but they were closed.  FAIL.  So then I went to BUZZ and had a Quesadilla and fries instead.  I can honestly say that I was about 67% satisfied.  I was glad that I got it out of my system and also glad that I realized that it tasted much better in my thoughts than it did in my mouth.  Makes me see that I'm not missing much.  I'm glad I was able to schedule a cheat rather than just have an accidental binge.  Even my favorite food lost some of its flare... and that is saying A LOT! Perhaps I am becoming disenchanted with my favorite food... I HOPE SO! Good night everyone!!

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