Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feed Your...

Here are a list of Books Im reading to Feed my whatever... Enjoy!

Business Sense:

I spent a whole year looking at this book and walking past it during my frequent trips to Barnes and Noble, after being on the NY times best sellers list for 2 years and with so many success stories I can not continue to ignore it.  Might help me acheive my fame that I so deserve lol. 

I started reading the Sowrd of Truth novels when I was in highschool and I never finished.  Not only was I excited to find the series again, but now there are 12 books!!! I am going to be sooooooo sleepless until I finish all of these 800+ page books seeing as how my Nook has been attached to me sinceI started reading them.  Starting back on book 2.  Click here for a brief synopsis.


Everyone likes to feed that.  I try to do a new recipe each week and I find that the recipes in this book are delicious, easy and healthy like the title suggests.  Very happy with it so far.

"What?  You didn't know that"

I don't know about you, but I love to have disucssions about things other than who did what with who on "The Game". And I love even more when I can say "I KNOW SOMETHING YOU DONT KNOW" ehhehehe.  I am all about expanding my knowledge on practically everything and I find this book particularly interesting.  Its all about some of the most noteworthy crimes up to his death.  Dumas is more well known for "The count of Monte Cristo" and "The Three Musketeers" . Awesome book to discuss! Free download here!!

This book is chock full of tips about how to be healthy while still enjoying food.  As you all know, western culture has grown quite disgusting when it comes to portion sizes and the way we abuse food.  I find that this book is very specific in the "What not to do" category.  Love it so far. 

Sooooooooooooo, if you were looking for new reading material, maybe you can try some of  these.  I will be updating this when I finish them all as I am knee deep in them right now!!!

What books are you reading right now??

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  1. Wow you read a lot! That cooking book looks good. It's something I will need because I want to increase the number of things I can cook. Yes, it's useful to be able to talk about more than tv shows :)


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