Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Job at Cheongju English Center-- City Center

My class this week is pretty cool.  They are kind of loud and Rowdy but they are pretty awesome.  I took a video and some lovely pictures of them.

This week I teach city center and it just so happened that I had my camera on the day my homeroom class came in.  They were quite the crazy bunch.

In the city center I have students listen to my "About me" power point and then they get a chance to draw their own city center on the board (pictures below).  When they finish, I go over each picture and pretende to judge them, then I give everyone reward point stamps.  After that we go through the City center power point (city center is downtown) covering everything you may see downtown; stores, shops, restaurants, clothing stores, ect.  Then we have a role play where students get a chance to be bank tellers, travel agents, postal workers and customers.  Super easy job. 


  1. Cute I think... What are the perceptions of blacks or African Americans in Korea? And I'm curious if folk here call me red, yellow and mulatto (lol) what would Koreans call me??? I definitely need to travel!

  2. Well they are quite ignorant. I have to say first and foremost that I AM NOT FROM AFRICA! Because I'm black they automatically assume I am from Africa. It pisses me off. They are soooo ignorant so I make sure to inform them


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